Plugs, Packers & Patches

Pengo Wireline uses the world’s leading technology in situations that involve well isolation and abandonment. We utilize a specific variety of patch products including Owen Oil Tools full range of X-SPAN® casing patch products. We provide our customers with proven industry leading composite & cast iron bridge plugs and packer products. Pengo Wireline has the capabilities and the tools that will meet your well isolation needs.

Plug, Packer & Patch Capabilities in Casing & Tubing Sizes:

  • Owen X-SPAN® Tubing & Casing Patch Technology – X-SPANPrt
  • Cast Iron Bridge Plugs
  • Composite Bridge Plugs
  • Retrievable Tubing Plugs
  • Cast Iron Cement Retainers
  • Composite Cement Retainers
  • Packer Setting Services
  • Dump Bailer Services
  • Pump Bailer Services
  • Junk Baskets / Gauge Rings

Perforating Services
Logging Services
Pipe Recovery Services