Logging Services

  • Pengo Wireline offers multiple service capabilities utilizing the highest quality logging instruments for data acquisition and analysis. Providing our customers with the information necessary to preserve, optimize, and stimulate wells.
  • Electric Magnetic Orientation Tool (EMOT) which allow successful perforating operations in a specific string in wellbores with multiple production strings or wells that have fiber optic cables installed.
  • Our multi finger caliper tools (MFC) provide a high resolution log with 3D presentation.  Couple the MFC with our Omni Direction Tool (ODT) providing average pipe thickness gives our customers the ability to make critical downhole decisions.


Logging Service Capabilities:

  • Temperature and/or Pressure
    • Memory Tools
    • Real Time
    • High Temperature Tools (300*C)
  • Gamma
  • Gamma Perforator
  • Neutron
  • CCL
  • Cement Bond Log
  • Multi Finger Caliper
  • 3 Arm I.D. Caliper
  • Imaging Caliper Tools
    • Tubing Sizes
    • Casing Sizes
  • Imaging Caliper with Gamma
  • Omni Directional Tool (Wall Thickness)
  • EMOT

Auxiliary Services

  • Downhole Video
  • Downhole Tractor

Perforating Services
Pipe Recovery Services
Plug, Packer & Patch