Operational Safety

“Pengo’s Safety philosophy is each individual’s personal responsibility within the organization to share an attitude, common values, and common goals to achieve a culture of discipline to protect life, assets, and the environment.”

Safety is a critical aspect of Pengo Wireline’s mission. The top priority for the company’s success is ensuring the protection of our employees, customer assets, company assets, and the environment. All Pengo personnel participate in our continuous effort to sustain an operational safety culture. “Performance”, is a core value of Pengo Wireline and our company culture has integrated safety as a foundation for the uninterrupted successful completion of each service through performing every task, every day, the right way.

Pengo Wireline recognizes the importance in sustaining an operational safety culture is through effective safety processes, their implementation, and their execution. This requires the entire organizations involvement, from ownership, management and down to the newest member of our team. We acknowledge the process in achieving an operational safety culture is truly a continuous on-going effort.

We know our exceptional employee’s ability to perform a premier service safely today, empowers our employees and customers’ success for tomorrow.