Perforating Services

Perforating Service

Pengo Wireline utilizes the most innovative and proven perforating systems on the market. These perforating systems are capable of being deployed using most conventional methods: wireline, coil tubing, and tubing conveyed. Selectively activated perforating systems are also offered providing additional enhanced wireline deployed stimulation services.

  • Charge performance is measured using industry leading technology featuring EPA© (Engineered Perforator Analysis) application and the GEM™ providing precise analytical data for customers to select charge type/size for penetration depth or hole size for the best production or injection.
  • Maintaining our dedication to safety, radio safe systems are available for specific applications when perforating operations are conducted in sensitive environments.
  • Pengo Wireline’s years of experience, safety record, and expertly trained personnel combined with the industry leading technology have proven to provide our customers with consistent reliable results in their completion goals.

Perforating Service Applications:

  • Slim Hole RTG and Strip Perforating Systems
  • Conventional Expendable Perforating Systems
  • Conventional Ported Hollow Carrier Gun Systems
  • Tubing Conveyed Perforating Systems
  • Coil Tubing Conveyed Perforating Systems
  • Certified Gas Gun Provider – GasGun-Brochure

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