Pengo History

Pengo Wireline of California Inc. has a deep rooted history in the oil & gas wireline industry. The Pengo Wireline of California Inc. today can be traced back to its early beginnings in 1955, when Marvin Gearhart and Harrold Owen formed the GO Company. Marvin Gearhart, Chief Logging Engineer, and Harrold Owen, Chief Explosives Engineer, worked together at Welex Jet Services, where after leaving, partnered to form the GO Company (formerly GO Oil Well Services, Gearhart-Owen Industries), a wireline and perforating service provider. In 1978 Marvin Gearhart and Harrold Owen parted company. Owen maintained the non-wireline portion of the business which was established as PenGO Industries (he later founded Owen Oil Tools in 1983). A non-competition agreement prevented Pengo from entering into the wireline business or logging supply business for three years starting in 1977. In 1980, Gearhart renamed his company “Gearhart Industries, Inc. – The GO Company”. Pengo Industries did eventually enter into both businesses and as a result, in 1981, Pengo Industries established a district in California, one of which is here in Bakersfield. Former McCullough managers, Don Hames, Harold Eggers and John French partnered to form the Pengo Industries wireline service in Bakersfield California. At that time they hire their first employee, David E. Warren (“Dew”). In 1982, Tom Plante and Steve Hames joined Pengo Wireline and in 1983, Larry Linenberger comes aboard. Larry Linenberger leaves GO Wireline (Gearhart) and brings 6 years of experience when he joins Pengo Wireline. In 1986, the oil market experienced a downturn, Pengo Industries begins selling assets and at this time Don Hames and Harold Eggers form Pengo Wireline of California Inc., a now privately held company. In 2002, Don Hames and Harold Eggers retire and at this time, David E. Warren, Tom Plante, Larry Linenberger and Steve Hames begin acquiring Pengo Wireline. To this day it is still under their ownership and daily involvement. Pengo Wireline of California Inc. continues to grow and maintains its reputation as a distinguished company in the oil and gas wireline industry currently operating in all parts of California.

Vision, Mission & Values

To be an industry leading provider of wireline services known for its quality people and exceptional performance.

“Maintaining our dedication to Safety, Service and Success.”

Safety + Service = Success

Each individual’s personal responsibility within the organization to share an attitude, common values and common goals to achieve a culture of discipline to protect life, assets and the environment.

The organization’s ability to effectively, efficiently, and consistently deliver reliable results that adds value to our customers.

The organization’s ability to create an environment that supports each employee’s ability to accomplish their goals, sustains an organizational drive for progress and growth, and maintains an incident free operation, day after day, year after year, generation after generation.

Core Values

Consistency in a Common Goal.

Continuous improvement in all areas of the organization: in quality, service, and employee development.

The drive for efficient operations while maintaining an equal balance between production and safety to achieve an operational safety culture.

Securing and sustaining a reputation built on excellence.


PENGO Wireline will continuously strive for excellence while adapting to better serve our clientele and employees. As the industry changes, Pengo is dedicated to seeking innovative ideas to secure our reputation as a distinguished company built on our established principles of safety, service, and success.

Our Presidents Message:

President-Dew-Website PENGO is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for our employees, clients, staff, and visitors.  Safety is the business and responsibility of every PENGO employee and can be better achieved through proper engineering, education, training, protective equipment, and enforcement of safety rules, policies and procedures.

The responsibility of safety begins at the working level and extends upward through supervisors, managers, and the highest level of ownership.  It is essential that each of you take an active part in initiating preventative measures to control and eliminate hazards associated with activities under your direction.

PENGO Management firmly believes that all incidents and negative impacts on health and environment can be eliminated through these proactive work practices.  Safety is an ongoing process where hazards must be continually assessed and mitigated.  It is our goal to achieve and maintain a zero (0) incident rate with zero (0) environmental impact and zero (0) negative impact to personal health.

PENGO intends to comply with all relevant local, state, and federal occupational and environmental regulations, codes, and standards.

PENGO’s Leadership has the responsibility for establishing and maintaining an effective Health, Safety and Environmental Program.  The success of these programs can only be achieved through the cooperation and support of everyone.

It is my request that each member of our PENGO family accepts the challenge of maintaining an accident-free and healthy environment.  It is your positive safety attitude, your knowledge of safe practices, and your actions that will determine the success of our safety program.

David E. Warren (“DEW”)

Industry Association